Searching for a 'picture' of my maternal Grandfather

In the autum of 2013, my Mother and I located her unknown Father, my grandfather, who had been missing from our LIVES for fifty-seven years. Continuing to be a mystery man since we do not have a single portrait of him.  
  Since on March 1, 1957 my maternal grandfather falsified my Mother's birth certificate, when she was born. 

From an early age, my mother knew
 her affluent father had a legitimate Family. A wife and four daughters and she and all the Towns People knew she is Joseph Laurent "Jose Lorenzo" BARRENECHE ETCHEBERRY 's illegitimate fifth daughter. 

By finding my maternal Grandfather, I mean, his Death Certificate (click here) . Who I really found were his two living siblings, Jean-Baptiste "Juan" BARRENECHE  & Sabine BARRENECHE, currently living in Ascain, France, who were willing to speak to my Mother and I on October 2013.

We are waiting to hear back from Jean-Baptiste "Juan" who promised to send me pictures of my maternal Grandfather.

I also found his four daughters: Marta Barreneche, Mirentxu Barreneche, Carmen Barreneche. and Teresa Barreneche Rodriguez, I also reached out to my Grandfather's brother Emilio Barreneche Echeverri's son (click here),  Ander Barreneche, also living in Ascain, France. 

* I have contacted all these relatives, and to date none have shown interest in speaking to us.

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My Mother and my maternal Grandmother, 
Francisca "Pachita" Pimentel R'Angel 
Pueblo Nuevo, Guanajuato, Mexico 1962

My mother Maria Josefa Martha Barreneche Pimentel, 
Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico. 1979 (year I was born)

I began searching for my maternal Grandfather two years ago with just one piece of evidence from my Mother's home town of Pueblo Nuevo, Guanajuato, Mexico and the names of her biological Father and his legitimate wife, daughters and brother, Emilio Barreneche Echeverri (click here)

Which my maternal Grandmother, Francisca "Pachita" Pimentel R'Angel shared with my Mother when she was a young girl, (before she passed away in 1986),   

When my Mother was conceived, my maternal Grandmother, Francisca "Pachita" Pimentel R'Angel, was an employee of the BARRENECHE brothers in their Hacienda (Ranch) of HUATZIMITIRO, on the rear entrance to the Town Pueblo Nuevo, Guanajuato, Mexico. My Mother Maria Josefa Martha Barreneche Pimentel was born out of wedlock in 1957.  Meaning, my Grandmother may have had a love affair with the married Jose Lorenzo, or some say she was taken advantage of and discarded. Whatever the reasons were, my mother and I are interested in knowing the Truth, was my Grandmother mistreated?

Since my Grandfather, Joseph Laurent "Jose Lorenzo" BARRENECHE ETCHEBERRY (click here)was married to Carmen Rodriguez Aldave he decided to falsify my Mother's birth certificate (click here) using, Francisco RAMOS, of Pueblo Nuevo, Guanajuato, as the false father. Elpidio RAMOS from San Guillermo, Guanajuato as Witness 1 and Vicente JASSO of Los Patios, Guanajuato as Witness 2 to the birth. Even-though, a false father was used. My Mother's paternal surname was not used on her birth certificate as BARRENECHE or RAMOS - But as my maternal Grandmother's surname PIMENTEL. This was done to truly conceal this indiscretion. The RAMOS Family remains residing in Pueblo Nuevo, Guanajuato and they have confirmed that Francisco Ramos of Pueblo Nuevo, Guanajuato never had children.

The two brothers were born in Mexico City in 1915 & 1918, but European Immigrants to Mexico from Northern Basque Country of Ascain, France (which is the very South-West corner of France in Saint Jean-de-Luz).

*Click the links at the very BOTTOM of this page to listen to Telephone conversations between my Mother, My Grandfathers brother, Jean-Baptiste, and myself.  

*And another conversation with my Gradfather's sister, Sabine Barreneche, and  myself.  

When i began this search in 2011, I knew my Mother's fathers name since my Mother had spoken to me about him ever since I was five years old, in 1985.  Sharing with me stories about her Father who once occupied the Hacienda HUATZIMITIRO who disappeared without a trace, when she was a young girl.  

As a small child I remember my Father taking my mother to the Hacienda HUATZIMITIRO to spend a few hours under a tree, eating a watermelon from the crops that still were being worked by new owners. 
My Mother found comfort knowing her father once stepped foot on those grounds that were just less than a mile from the town where she was born and raised. 

In 2011, I entered the name "jose barreneche echeverri" on the Online Search Engines and what appeared was a Mexican government document from 1958 from the Guanajuato, Mexico 'Diario Official (click here) ' which showed my maternal grandfathers name, his brother Emilio Barreneche Echeverri (click here), and spoke of the Hacienda HUATZIMITIRO which my grandfather and his brother in their own right gave up as a Crop and Cattle Ranch.

Green arrow shows Hacienda HUATZIMITIRO
(just outside Pueblo Nuevo ( Valley de Santiago ), Irapuato , LEON , Guanajuato, Mexico)

I created this blog when I found more facts and added every piece of evidence I came across.  I interviewed an employee of the Hacienda HUATZIMITIRO who personally worked with my maternal Grandmother, my Grandfather and his Family.       This employee confirmed they were from French descent from Pyrénées-Atlantiques and from the known old Kingdom of Navarre, Spain.  I also confirmed his wife and daughters names with those my Mother was told and knew from stories her Mother told her.  I soon came across my Grandfather and his brother's French Military Cards which showed their birth names as Joseph Laurent "Jose Lorenzo" and Emile Dominique "Emilio Domingo" (click here)  both born in Mexico and their parents Basilio Gaspar BARRENECHE and Marie ETCHEBERRY (click here) from Ascain, France and Itxassou, France in Northern Basque Country.
In 2012 I took a DNA test that provided me with an Ancestral Origins map and My personal DNA STR Profile confirming that I and my siblings are Northern and Southern European Immigrants to North America and Australia. Proof without DNA that Jose Lorenzo is my Mother's Father.

"DNA does not make a family. Love does."

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I have found my Grandfathers four daughters: Marta, Maria Clara Mirentxu, Maria Del Carmen and Teresa BARRENECHE RODRIGUEZ in 2012 and contacted them.If I ever speak to them, I would ask them to forgive my Grandmother and their Father, who as consenting Adults both made choices that separated our Family  from knowing Him and them, as my mothers, Maria Josefa Martha Barreneche Pimentel, half sisters.My mother, Maria Josefa Martha Barreneche Pimentel is Joseph Laurent "Jose Lorenzo" BARRENECHE 's  fifth  legitimate daughter

           My maternal Grandfather, Joseph Laurent BARRENECHE ETCHEBERRY, was born September seventeenth 1915, Mexico City & passed on July second 2004, Mexico City (click here)

HEGEL 149 Piso 9 
Mexico, City, D.F.
This is where my maternal Grandfather " Jose Lorenzo " Barreneche lived in Mexico City all this time; while my mother and I wondered,  all of our lives !

(confirmation with the Building manager through the Embassy of Uruguay on Floor 1)

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amadeusetcheberry (Instagram)

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Joseph Laurent Barreneche Etcheberry (on Facebook)

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YOUTUBE.COM :Phone conversation in SPANISH with Jean Baptiste BARRENECHE, confirming His Brothers Daughters Identity and their Life at Huatzimitiro (click here)Phone conversation in SPANISH with Sabine BARRENECHE, who confirmed she is my maternal Grandfather's sister (click here)